This publication is the result of the exhibition/ research/ residenceproject which took place between July 2014 and January 2015 both in Tokyo, JP and Amsterdam, NL. The Japanese word Uchi means ‘house’, ‘family’, ‘inside’ and in Kansai dialect ‘I’. The follow-up word nokoto means ‘about’. By using Uchinokoto as a title and as a concept, this project has been realised by nine artists and a designer, all living and working in the Netherlands. The book brings all fragments of this journey together and ‘preserves’ activities, experiences and their translations into artistic articulations. It reflects the entire project, whilst keeping the balance between group involvement and individual research, process and result, private domesticity and public domain. Furthermore, the publication will from now on be on sale in CBK Amsterdam.

Artists: Sayaka Abe – Nina Glockner – Nicola Kirkaldy – Judith Leysner – Sachi Miyachi – Nishiko – Iede Reckman – Ian de Ruiter – Makiko Shinoda

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